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A free, awesome app to help with your fitness goal!


Hi guys, 

I know how busy most of us are but we still want to look and feel fit at the same time, right? I've recently discovered the Nike + Training NTC app.

Before you roll your eyes thinking this is just another app, hear me out.

It's super easy to use and keeps track of all the work out you've done. All you need is a yoga mat and a small space at home. (Yay! No more gym fees!)

You can even incorporate running, if you love running, as well as other work outs such as yoga. There is an instructor (a firm but pleasant voice) to guide you through the work out, and it even has a timer to tell you when to start and when to stop each movement.

If you are a beginner like I am, you can start with a work out plan for beginners and pick the equipment you have at home, the number of workouts you can commit to in a week, whether you want to include running in your plan and the difficulty level.

After each work out, you can provide feedback on how difficult it was for you. The app will adjust future workouts accordingly.

If you can't commit to a work out plan yet, you can try the individual work outs, they have a list of short work outs that goes from 5 to 15 minutes.

You can also add friends to check out what work outs they are into, what they have completed or even if they've been slacking off. 

Go ahead and add me (Mel Chi) and let's motivate each other!


Have you tried the app? Hit the reply button and let me know what you think.

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