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Meet Christine Buyco-Sy of Human Nature

Christine Buyco-Sy Human Nature natural products


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am an architect and urban designer by profession but I became a stay-at-home mom when my girls were born. It was during this time, that I started a blog to chronical my journey as an advocate of natural birth and breastfeeding.

More importantly, this was the same time that I “discovered” Human Nature. I couldn’t believe that a wide range of genuine natural products could be so affordable! Above all, it is a social enterprise that provides livelihood to poor farmers and their communities in the Philippines. It could not get any better than that!

I became the sole distributor for Singapore market and here I am, a mompreneur who is able to pursue my passion for natural healthy living – from natural birth, to using natural products while being a full-time mom to my little girls.


How did your natural health journey begin? 

Growing up, I was already quite mindful of what I ate but my real natural health journey began when I got pregnant with my first. Like any first-time mom, you become anxious and more aware of what goes into your body.

This was also the same time I learned about the endless benefits of natural birth (without epidural) and extended breastfeeding. I eventually gave natural birth to my two daughters, using Lamaze and Hypnobirthing techniques. Those labours were very empowering and rewarding experiences for me.

My natural healthy journey just happened very “naturally” after that! Haha! Once you are aware of the harmful chemicals or toxins that go into our food and everyday products, there is simply no going back.


Was it tough convincing your husband and/or family and practicing it being a mother to two young children?

My husband is very sporty. He runs marathons and is now training for the ironman so he knows the importance of proper nutrition – to sustain a very active lifestyle.

For the children, it’s funny because they are also mindful of what they eat! I think they grow up in our healthy environment that it becomes second nature for them too. They recently ordered quiche and they were asked to choose the variant – mushroom or bacon and cheese. I heard them replied, “mushroom because that is healthier!”

Our home does not have junk food and soft drinks. They see me snacking on nuts and fruits and we always have homecooked veggie dishes, so they think this is the “natural” way of eating (which it is!). You know the cliché, children do really follow by example.


What is it about Human Nature and its line of products that you want people to know about?

That at Human Nature, when we say “natural” and “100% free of harmful chemicals” – we take it very seriously. That is why, our products are certified natural by the Natural Products Association (NPA), the oldest and largest non-profit organization in the US.

This means that:

1) The product is made with at least 95% natural ingredients excluding water,

2) Ingredients come or are made from renewable resource found in nature, and processed without harm to the environment;

3) None of the ingredients pose human risks as shown by peer-reviewed 3rd-party scientific literature;

4) Product is not tested on animals and

5) All ingredients are declared on its label.

Our logo has a heart in the middle because Human Nature is driven by love for our family, love for our only planet and love for the poor communities that need our help.


What are some of the biggest misconceptions about natural health?

I think people look at natural health as something that requires effort – having a specific diet or about the do’s and don’ts. This is when the problem starts because anything that requires effort or bears negative undertones, the harder it is to follow through. I think people pursue something more actively when it comes from real understanding, love or passion.

I remember travelling a total of 70 hours to 3 different places with 3 different time zones in a span of a month only and I didn’t even experience any fatigue, let alone got sick. When we love our body, it will love us back ten times more. It will allow us to do so many things!


What tips do you have for someone considering switching out their daily essentials with non-toxic alternatives?

Read, read and read. The more informed you are of the toxic ingredients that go into non-natural products, the easier it is to switch!

Human Nature makes the switch easier by making our certified natural products the most affordable in the market. This has been integral to our advocacy – we believe that the more people have access to safe and healthy natural products, the more we can make a concrete difference in our environment and to the poor communities that we support in the Philippines.


To someone thinking, “Are all these trouble necessary?” What do you say?

I think it’s the mindset. It’s like being in any competition, if at the start you have doubts of winning then chances are, you will not win.

I’ve been practicing attachment parenting even before the girls were born and integral to its’ belief is the power of positivity. Children and generally everyone respond more to affirmative words. I would probably start by affirming natural living as healthy, liberating and fulfilling.

I recall a conversation with a sceptical friend who said he knew someone who had cancer despite living a very healthy diet. I quipped back, “Imagine if she didn’t have a healthy lifestyle, she might be having it worse!”.  Again, it’s the mindset.


Would you consider yourself as a Health Freak?

If reading the nutritional and ingredient labels of each product that I buy is considered a health freak, then maybe I am! Haha!

I am not a strict one though. If there’s a party and loads of sweets or junk food are being served, I let my children have a go. We go to McDonald’s once in a blue moon too. They know they can get it, but they are also aware it’s not good for their bodies.

Sometimes what you don’t get, the more you feel drawn to it. Take out the mystery out of it and sometimes it doesn’t look and feel good as you thought it would be! 😊

More than anything else, I believe in the power of an informed choice.


***This is a series of articles about individuals and companies that share the same vision as us, about the importance of eating healthy, reducing the amount of toxic we expose ourselves to, and living a greener life. If you know of an individual or a brand that shares the same vision, shoot us an email and we'll feature them!

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