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Meet Praise Phuan from farm-to-home start-up Packet Greens


How did Packet Greens came about? 

We came about from another industry – clean energy.  My late father, Mr Phuan Pui Jong has always used created innovations with LEDs and the family had a chance to explore agriculture using LED grow lights. Hence, my parents went to Taiwan to explore on indoor farming and controlled environment.


What's the biggest challenge in convincing people to consume more vegetables?

I believe it’s a culture that we are in and especially in a country with everything and spoilt for choices, it is a new thinking of shifting from “I want to eat healthy” to “I want to eat greens in my diet because they taste great”.

Packet greens indoor farm

Why should people switch from getting vegetables in the markets and supermarkets, to a direct source such as Packet Greens?

Because we are the farm direct. This will cut away the middle-men. However, most importantly, since we are the farm, it’s always fresher, cleaner and better when you get our veggies direct from us.  There is definitely lesser carbon footprint and it’s our way of being sustainable in our process of responsible farming and growing.


To someone thinking, “Are all these trouble necessary?” What do you say?

Why is it trouble when you are able to choose what you want, having it delivered to your doorstep at anytime you want and at your convenience. ☺


Would you consider yourself as a Health Freak?

I would not, as I’m also a normal being who eats junk food at times.



***This is a series of articles about individuals and companies that share the same vision as us, about the importance of eating healthy, reducing the amount of toxic we expose ourselves to, and living a greener life. If you know of an individual or a brand that shares the same vision, shoot us an email and we'll feature them!

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