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Tired of Pads or Tampons? What about Menstrual Cups?

Tampons aren’t your friend: fibers can be caught in the vaginal canal, ‘over-absorb’ precious vaginal fluids, and dry out the mucous membrane.

Pads aren’t much better: they create a stifling, moist environment — ground zero for yeast infections, bacteria and odor.

Menstrual Cup is your periods’ super heroine (and here to protect you): it doesn’t disrupt the vagina's lubricating ability, or interfere with the natural process of shedding menstrual blood, dead cells, and bacteria. 

  • The average menstruating person uses approximately 17,000 tampons, pads or panty-liners in their lifetime.
  • Flushing sanitary protection products causes 75% of blocked drains.
  • Average use of menstrual products is 22 per cycle, 286 per year per menstruating person and a total of 24,235,289,364 products per year

With tampons or pads, you have to switch them out every 4-6 hours. But with the Menstrual Cup, you can just insert when you're in the shower in the morning, and empty it out and reinsert in the evening. It can last up to 12 hours depending on your flow.

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