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Travel-friendly Brush Dispenser -

Travel-friendly Brush Dispenser

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Vegan, Cruelty-free

No more hassle carrying brushes around and keeping them clean. This cruelty-free brush dispenser allows you to refill your make up for cost savings. Each dispenser comes with a dial for you to adjust your desired amount of dispensed powder, and a brush cover to keep your brush clean and convenient to use!

Instructions for Use:

  • Remove tamper seal and cap from the 8-gram vial.
  • Unscrew bottom cap on dispenser brush to expose fill area. You will notice a clear plastic plug when you open the bottom. Remove this and replace after filling the brush.
  • Carefully pour vial contents into open chamber. The fill area will accept the entire contents of one tube. It is not necessary to fill the entire brush all at once so save the vial cap.
  • Replace bottom cap on dispenser brush by screwing it on very tightly.
  • With dispensing brush filled and ready to go, turn dial to desired number and apply. You may need to work the brush to get the first flow going.
  • Keep arrow set at (O) when not in use. Adjust the powder amount by rotating the arrow to (I), (II), or (III) as desired.
  • To close and apply outer cap, always turn dial back to (O) position. Pull the protection sleeve up over the hair first and then firmly snap on outer cap.